How-To Start Connect to Spirits

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2011-06-26 18:27

How to Connect

Connecting to your spirits varies by the entity. You should always use your entities Associations (that can be found in each entity's description in the Encyclopedia) to their best advantage. If your entity enjoys a certain scent, offering, color, number or such you should use it in conjunction with the time you spend with your entity.

There are common practices you can use to connect to your entities.

You can use any of the following incantations and portal keys to connect to your entity. Hold the entity or have them within one foot of you while you recite any of the following. You can recite them as many times as you need and some find lighting candles helps to create the energy needed to make the connection.

This is an invocation you can use with any Dragon race.


Beauty still is the night and come forth
Sail the moon and stars for your destination
Is with me, here and today, for eternity
I beckon to you with the calm of my heart
And the will of my spirit!

I call to you as friend and beloved
That you may find solace & home with me
You are an inspiration and joy to my life
I call you because you are needed
Because you and only you can help

Come to me my dragon of desire
Come and make my life more fulfilled
For I call you now as a companion
So that we may share, enrich & enliven
Each other for all the days to come!


This is an invocation you can use with any Faery race.


A sweet and happy day for us to share
A joy of blissful life comes to me with your presence!
You are a true and loyal friend
I rejoice in knowing we will be together
To share and live our lives as friends and confidantes
You are a ray of sunshine that shines upon me and brings excitement to my life
I am sincerely humbled by your company!


This is an invocation you can use with any Immortal from any country.


The sun and moon rise to bring a glittering star
A star that will carry the purpose and will
Of this great Immortal

Smile and carry on gilded wings your help
I call to you as you are filled with power
To grace upon me with a humble nod

The gifts that you behold as acknowledgment
Of my admiration and enjoyment of your presence
I accept your gifts with a happy heart

Come to me oh (name of Immortal)!
Come to me and I will give you a sanctuary
Where we can dwell and learn together.



This can be used with any Gargoyle.

Lift the stone from your lungs, dear friend
And take in the air of kinship around you
I am here that you may find comfort in our companionship
Two, unto each other, as friend and siblings of spirit
I call thee unto my side for eternity
That we may know each other and find grand likeness in life
I speak your name so that you know I call you as my own
I invite you as part of my life, (say name)



An invocation that can be shared between Psy and Sanguine Vampires.

Wet your lips fair one
Find the stretches of your energies here
Paw the night's moon and shadows
Let the races of your mind find you
I summon your presence
Come and let us share the abyss of eternal time
Come to me now (say name) and reveal yourself


General Invocation

I call to thee oh spirit of enchantment
I call thee to this token of sacrifice
As it will serve as a home and sanctuary for you.
You will find a friend of loyal and true blood in me and I in you.
I call you and will that you be bound in love to this token
You are welcomed and cherished forever
You are beckoned as you are the true answer.



These portal keys can be used with any kind of magic, enchanted, spirited, or haunted object. They open a portal between you and your object so you can bond with the entity, ask for spells to work, commune with the entity, etc. They are great when you feel you aren't making connection. The original Old English version is listed below each line when available.

Watch the night for once the door sounds
Sceawian se niht mid se duru galan

The winds of time and change will roar
Se lyft hwil ac awendan gelustfullice grymetian

Turn the key and the lock will open
Hweorfan se beam ac se gelustfullice openian

I come in humble state to see what is offered
Ic becuman in eadmod cwide sceawian hwa beodan

To those who walk the stars and their stones
Man hwa gan se lyft ac man eorcanstans


Might you see the light aware
Miht ge sceawian se leoht

That the door be open to me
Se duru magan openian man

Smile the sky upon me
Bryt se lyft on man

I will see the wild night for it
Ic gelustfullice sceawian se nieten niht mid


Kind the portal to shine the whisper of ancients to me
Open the flagship of dawn to the kinders
I shall look to the dark of the light for answers
Bestow upon me the tinders of secrets and folly.

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