The Last Starfighter

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2012-02-20 01:22




Alex Rogan and his mother live in a trailer park. He beats the Starfighter Video Game and later that day he runs into a man named Centauri. He introduced himself as a person from the company that made the Starfighter Game. Before he knows it, he is in a “car” flying through space. He was chosen to take the skills he showed in the video game to protect the galaxy from invasion. Then he realizes that he was drafted for the military and wants to be taken home. When he returns he finds that he is being stalked by an alien bounty hunter. Unable to live, he returns to the Starfighter base and finds out he is the galaxy's only chance to be saved.

Benny: A good, clean film for a night at home.

Rudy: It's a cute movie for those who like a blast from the past, or for those who want to watch a family movie.

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