Exorcism of Emily Rose

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2011-12-30 14:49




Nine-teen year old, Emily Rose, dies after being submitted to an exorcism carried out by her parish priest, Father Moore. Everyone puts blame on the exorcism that was performed by the priest. Emily believed she was possessed by six demons and when medical care did not work she turned to her faith. After she dies, Father Moore is accused of negligent homicide, since he had suggested Emily to interrupt the use of medications for epilepsy. Trail begins with lawyer Erin Bruner representing Moore, but it is not going to be easy, it becomes a battle between science and religion in the court.

Benny: It wasn't a great movie, but it was okay. For exorcism movies, it's the best next to the Exorcist. There were some original ideas that made this film stand out.

Rudy: I thought it was extremely creepy and they had some really interesting mind-print scenes.

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