House on Haunted Hill

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2011-12-30 15:38




A millionaire Fredrick Loren invites five strangers to a party in the House On Haunted Hill. The house has a past of brutal murders. Fredrick invites 5 guests: Lance Schroeder,a pilot, Ruth Bridges, a journalist, Watson Prichard, the owner of The House On Haunted Hill, Nora Manning, a worker for one of Fredrick Loren's companies, and David Trent, a psychiatrist. Fredrick will offer each of them $10,000 to spend a night in The House On Haunted Hill. Mr. Loren's fourth wife, Annabelle, warns the guests that her husband is insane and plans something that night. As the night progresses, all the guests are trapped inside the house with ghosts, murderers, and other terrors, and not everyone will live through the night.

Benny: Good Vincent Price movie, but the stereotypical screaming girls can get annoying, but aside from them, it's a good flick.

Rudy: I love this movie, and Vincent Price in general, it's a good film with some interesting characters.

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