Clash of the Titans

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In the remake of the 1981 fantasy film, Clash of the Titans, demigod Perseus grows up with no awarness of his Godly origins. As his guardian informs Perseus that Zeus is his father, Hades kills Perseus earthly family. In his rage, Perseus vows to show all gods what damage humans can do to them. As Hades continues his rath upon mankind, Perseus and his soldiers venture to stop the Kraken, a powerful force of nature sent to destroy princess Andromeda. Throughout their venture, the God’s Son and company face ancient monsters and dreaded paths including giant scorpians and the famous Medusa.

Benny: This remake wasn't bad, the Djinn were great, the acting was okay, and the special effects were amazing, it could have been longer. The original is worth seeing, stop reading this review & go rent it right now.

Rudy: I love movies like this, and this did a great job of entertaining & I agree it should have been longer.

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