Magick Bridges, linking worlds

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2016-02-02 22:52


                Bridges typically allow people to get across an obstacle, usually natural.  But what about a magick bridge?  This can be quite literal as the ancient Romans did a ritual on May 15th annually.  They then had small puppets of bulrushes that represented old men; these were then thrown into the river of Tiber. This Argei ritual eventually became less popular to the people later, about the times of Augustus.  In other religions, it’s a common thing to see that there seems to be a bridge of some sort to link the world of life and the world of death.  The earliest record is from the Gathas of Zoroaster, which dates back to 570 BC.  This bridge was known as the Cinvato paratu. This meant the ‘Bridge of the Separator’.  The bridge was a pathway for the dead, but they had to cross the bridge that was under the control of a God.  Even today it is an uncommon thing to hear about a bridge that connects the everyday common people to the long deceased.  There are even fateful bridges in some culture, all you have to do is cross the bridge if you are faithful enough, or if not, you will fall to Hell. The American superstition of bridges says that your wish will come true if you cross an uncrossed bridge.  The link between our physical world and the link to the spiritual world may have no limit; it’s only a matter of connection. 

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