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The number 6 has a meaning in with mythology. The number 6 is female because it is even. The number 6 is tranquility, sincere, honest, and love. In most Tarot card decks, the lovers are number 6. The lovers are often depicted as Adam and Eve. God made man and woman on the 6th day. This again ties into the number 6 being related to marriage. Loyalty, sympathy, and reliability are all related to people with the number 6.  People with 6 like a peaceful environment; they detest any form of chaos or conflict. They also have potential for gardening and cooking.  Since the number 6 is associated with peace, the number 6 also has been shown to represent with balance. Comfort and solitude are things that a 6 will always value. The number 6 and the hexagram show opposites. This is meant as in the difference of a mortal human and immortal God. Elementally speaking, this applies to fire and water.

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