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2016-03-02 22:05


      It is said that if your name has eight letters, you a person who seeks greater power, a person who has an influence, and you have care for fortunes and status.  It is also said that those who are an eight can do well alone, showing great strength with independence. Those who are an eight also have put some focus on spirituality.  The number eight can play a role in someone’s success. The number eight can lead to success, but can lead you to a path of obstacles.  The number eight is also been said to relate with a fresh start; a new beginning.  This symbolism originates from the Jewish culture.  A young boy is born and has the start of his life on the eighth day following his birth. Another meaning of the number eight is never-ending, infinity, etc.  Look at the shape of 8.  It’s commonly associated with the ‘lemniscate’ or the symbol for infinity. ? 8. Eight fits in the life through success, life or death, immortality, a new beginning, and infinity.  Imperishable and great with independence.

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