What Should I Look For?

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2011-06-26 16:44

Look For

It is usually the opinion of unlearned people that in order to have something magical it has to be cast upon an antique, high-priced jewelry, intricate tokens and other high-value items... that isn't at all the case and for those of us who are in the know we've seen spellcasted objects from multi-million dollar treasures to handkerchiefs.

From a marble to a thousand dollar ring any Spell, Spirit, Creature, Immortal, Dragon, Faery and such can be cast upon it or exist within it. Whether it be a shaman, witch, warlock, castor, sage, necromancer, or anyone else of the like... if you pay them they will cast on anything you want, even if it is a peanut shell and the spell they cast will work to its full potential regardless of what object it is cast on. If you live by the idea that only the beautiful and expensive things have powerful spells you will miss some great opportunities to own something spectacular.

The rule of "don't judge a book by its cover" applies to the paranormal just as much as it applies to everything else. Most people would be shocked to discover what paranormal things exist in their household without them even knowing, especially when you inherit family heirlooms or buy things from estate sales or antique stores. Sometimes the most powerful objects are simple, every day items and if you have means of detecting magical or paranormal objects in your home we suggest you take a moment to look around you and you will find surprises!

There are no rules for what can be magical when it comes to the paranormal, you NEVER know what you are going to find... don't short change yourself, open your mind!!!

If a piece speaks to you then you should take a closer look. There are pieces meant for certain people and they will find you... just make sure you do not ignore the signs! There are a vast many treasures to be discovered... treasures that will change your life! They will become family heirlooms and no matter if it is a bead bracelet or a gemstoned antique you and those who own it after you will revel in its rewards and blessings.

Open your mind and ears and listen for the calling for those treasures that are meant to change your life!

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