Native American Magick

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2011-06-25 19:53

There is no doubt that Native American magic is directly linked to every aspect of nature. Not only do they appreciate and honor the beauty of nature the elements of the Earth are instrumental in their rituals, drawings, songs, poetry and day-to-day life.

There are many tribes but for the most part their beliefs are similiar in that their gods are elements of the Earth; wind, earth, air, fire, etc. Their gods are just compassionate as merciless and education from the gods on how to live their lives is key in Native American beliefs. They enjoy active rituals; chanting, dancing, dressing in elaborate and bright accessories. The entire tribe is involved in their practices of magic and honor to the gods. It is a group effort in which everyone has their role to play.

They act together to cure illnesses, remove possession, bring fertility, and many other physical, emotional and spiritual inflictions. The majority of their conjurations and rituals have to do with curing or solving a problem rather than for self-betterment. Their magic is deeply rooted in time and tradition which fuels the rituals and ceremonies with immense ancestral power. They make use of all natural elements as tools, accessories and offerings in their ceremonies.

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