Spell Casting Tips & Instructions

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2011-06-25 21:19

Spell Casting Instructions
If you feel you need candles or other draws like incense or stones please use them if they make you feel in the appropriate state of mind.

If you just want to recite the spell simply recite the spell aloud. Or if you?d like to bind the energies of the spell to a stone for boosting purposes use these instructions with a candle:
Pass the rock over the flame three times after the spell is recited.
Keep the rock near you to have the spell surround you.
You can use the spell as much as you like!

Here are the best times to cast spells:
Any spell: 4-8pm - Friday
Love spell: 8-9pm - Saturday, Sunday
Wealth spell: 3-4pm - Monday, Wednesday
Divination spell: 6-7am - Tuesday, Friday
Body/Health spell: 8-9am - Monday, Friday
Family spell: 9-10pm - Sunday, Thursday
Magic spell: 11-12am - Wednesday, Friday

Corresponding candle colors:
Black: Protection, Removal of Curse, Security
Blue: Calming, Peace, Healing
Brown: Earth, Grounding, Elemental
Green: Balance, Chakra, Aura
Grey: Serenity, Ethereal
Orange: Changes, Spunk, Happiness, Energy
Pink: Universal Love, Relationship Love, Family Love, Friendship Love
Purple: Psychic, Intelligence, Magic, Necromancy
Red: Energy, Passion, Sex, Desire, Lust
Yellow: Inner Wisdom, Intelligence, Mysticism
White: All powers

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