Why Do Psychics Charge Money?

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2011-06-26 18:17


This is something that has circled the paranormal community for years and it doesn't just involve psychics, it encompasses all spellcasters, conjurers, etc. There is an ideology that if someone has a special gift they should share it for free. That real psychics don't charge money for their readings, real spellcasters don't charge money to cast, and real conjurer's don't charge money for their spirits. I have always found this argument ridiculous, it is people looking for something for nothing and they want to guilt the practitioners into believing their special gift was given them to provide the world with free services.

You would not go to work everyday for free and neither can anyone who works in the paranormal community. They have to charge for their services because just like you they have to eat, they have families to care for and they should be compensated for the services they provide you. However, you will find that most psychics, spellcasters and conjurers do a LOT of charity work and give things away for free.

Everyone has to have a way to earn a living and there should be no exception because someone is born with or has developed a special talent. Actors, lawyers, doctors, advertising executives, designers, architects... any trade or talent has to charge for the services they provide. The cost of the services of a psychic, spellcaster or conjurer will vary depending on what they feel is fair compensation for their time and talent. Of course supply and demand has a great deal to do with it too. A psychic like Sylvia Brown, who is famous, charges over $700 for a reading whereas your local psychic may charge you $25. It doesn't mean that your local psychic is any less gifted than Sylvia it just means that Sylvia's time is more in demand.

You can't expect someone who does what they do for a living to do so for free, in any profession, but with the paranormal and metaphysical community you will find for the most part they have generous hearts and for loyal collectors and clients they will give you many free gifts in return.

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