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The spiritual power that you have is known as ‘Mana’. The original idea for mana was an old belief that was held by Polynesians.  This was an enigmatic source of extreme power that would have the most power the closer you were to your ancestors.  However, this idea is now considered as a source for all magick.  That belief is related to R. H. Codrington and the Melanesians. Mana could be used in a variety of ways, you could cure, curse, bring fortune and bless, or manipulate something.  Telepathy also could be used through mana, as mana being a channel for the power to get through. The usage of mana could have been a divine blessing or a horrible curse that could set the world into oblivion if used by the wrong people

            In a religious aspect, mana still has a name in some places.  Some long abandoned or sacred places still carry an eerie feeling of power with a possible relation to mana. People who don’t know they could be standing on sacred ground may be in for a surprise when they find out about an eldritch or forgotten past.  The exact ‘definition’ of what mana is might just stay a speculation.

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