Eastern Orthodox

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2012-01-26 13:37

A Christian religion that segregated from the Roman Catholic church and followers believe that the core of this church was established by Jesus Christ & his Apostles. Their doctrine is not ever-growing or ever-changing as they believe in sticking to the religion as-is. One nocticeable difference to the lay-person is the services are performed in the native language of the church, and not in Latin. It is a close community of friends and family, and they encourage family participation in the relgion. They recognize & appreciate the beauty of art and music and have some of the most astounding churches and decorations within.

Conversion Difficulty: Difficult
Difficult Conversion
You must accept the belief & perform traditional acceptance tasks through the church

Time Consumption: Heavy
Heavy Time Consumption
Traditions are recognized daily & services are recognized at least weekly

Cost to Participate: Moderate
Moderate Cost
Tithing a must

Deities: Trinity; God, Son, Holy Ghost
Literature: Bible
Location Practiced: Primarily Eastern Europe, Greece, Russia, North America, Secondarily Worldwide
Afterlife: Soul is judged in limbo before moving to heaven or hell
Congregation: Over 200 million
Meaning of Life: To follow, without variation, the teachings of Christ
Famous: Charles Bronson, Jamie Farr, John Belushi, James Belushi, Karl Malden, Rita Wilson, Sandra Dee, Telly Savalas, Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Zach Galifianakis

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