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A religion that began pre-2000 BC and is considered to be a convenant between God & Abraham. It is an Abrahamic religion that believes in the Ten Commandments, and living a good life according to God's will & law. It has a broad range from more relaxed sects of Judaism to the more stringent Hasidism.

Conversion Difficulty: Serious
Serious Conversion
It requires belief, desire to live by the beliefs, and steps to be recognized by the church

Time Consumption: Moderate
Moderate Time Consumption
Standard presence at church, participation with congregation

Cost to Participate: Moderate
Moderate Cost
Tithing is both monetary & non-monetary

Deities: Yahweh (God)
Literature: Old Testament (Tanakh), Torah, Talmud
Location Practiced: Isreal, USA, Worldwide
Afterlife: Gilgul
Congregation: Over 12 million
Meaning of Life: Live by the law of Yahweh, and observe a righteous life
Famous: Al Jolson, Barbara Walters, Billy Rose, Carl Sagan, Cecil B. DeMille, Dinah Shore, Howard Cosell, Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, Oscar Hammerstein II, Sidney Howard, and hundreds of others

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