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A Christian faith that is moved by emotional services, being free to act & speak as moved by the Spirit, and encourage its members to be liberated by the services. It is a personal experience that promotes speaking in tongues, multiple baptisms, and be lively during worship services.

Conversion Difficulty: Moderate
Moderate Conversion
Believe, and live by the beliefs

Time Consumption: Moderate
Moderate Time Consumption
Attending worship services

Cost to Participate: Little
Little Cost
Tithin is encouraged but not a necessity in monetary terms

Deities: Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)
Literature: Bible
Location Practiced: Africa, South America, USA
Afterlife: Heaven & Hell
Congregation: Over 300 million
Meaning of Life: Live your life by the laws & teachings of God & Jesus Christ
Famous: Al Sharpton, Kenneth Copeland, Sam Kinison

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