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One of the three, main branches of the Christian faith (Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant). It is a religion with roots in the 16th century when some of the Christian faith did not want to be held by the papacy. Martin Luther denounced the authority of the papacy over those of the Christian faith, and believed each person could achieve God's salvation & mercy through their own actions without responsibility to the Vatican. Many Christian faiths fall under Protestantism.

Conversion Difficulty: Moderate
Moderate Conversion
Believe, and live by the beliefs

Time Consumption: Moderate
Moderate Time Consumption
Attending worship services

Cost to Participate: Some
Some Cost
Tithin is encouraged but not a necessity in monetary terms

Deities: Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)
Literature: Bible
Location Practiced: Worldwide
Afterlife: Heaven & Hell; no purgatory
Congregation: Over 400 million
Meaning of Life: Live your life by the laws & teachings of God & Jesus Christ
Famous: Bruce Willis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elvis Presley, Mae West, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth, and hundreds of others

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