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A religion originating in Cuba that has roots in Yoruban (African) & Catholic traditions & beliefs. It is a melding of the two religions into its own religion. They believe in the nurturing & guidance of ancestral spirits, and consult orishas as guiding deities. They do practice divination, animal sacrifices, spiritual & mystic rituals, and possession through those who can speak to the dead.

Conversion Difficulty: Difficult
Difficult Conversion
Belief, and practice of the beliefs

Time Consumption: Heavy
Heavy Time Consumption
The acts of practicing the beliefs are time-consuming

Cost to Participate: Moderate
Moderate Cost
Monetary donation is expected in relation to other acts of tithing

Deities: Olorun, Olodumare, orishas, egun
Literature: None
Location Practiced: Cuba, Florida
Afterlife: Spiritual realm
Congregation: Over 2 million
Meaning of Life: Live by the law of Olorun (11 Commandments)
Famous: Desi Arnaz, Fidel Castro

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