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A religion originating in Japan, dating pre 600 BC. It immediately differentiated itself from the newly formed Buddhism. They practice respect for family, nature, and all forms of life. They pay tribute to the spirits (kami) who rule the universe. They practice forms of worship, rituals, and traditions.

Conversion Difficulty: Difficult
Difficult Conversion
Believe, and practice those beliefs

Time Consumption: Heavy
Heavy Time Consumption
The acts of practicing the beliefs are time-consuming

Cost to Participate: Some
Some Cost
Monetary and non-monetary donations

Deities: Izanagi-no-Mikoto, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Kami
Literature: Kojiki, Nihon Shoki
Location Practiced: Japan
Afterlife: Depending on life lived can become a kami
Congregation: Over 3 million
Meaning of Life: Live a life of respect, honor, and purity according to the will of the kami

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