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Founded in India this 16th century originating religion has come into its own with 10 generations of Gurus. It is a melding of Hinduism & Islam that encourages living a good life by helping & loving others. They believe in living by the Five Kakaars, and practice meditation.

Conversion Difficulty: Difficult
Difficult Conversion
Believe, and practice those beliefs

Time Consumption: Heavy
Heavy Time Consumption
The acts of practicing the beliefs are time-consuming

Cost to Participate: Moderate
Moderate Cost
Monetary and non-monetary donations

Deities: Ik Onkar
Literature: Adi Granth, Sikh
Location Practiced: Punjab state of India
Afterlife: Reincarnation until your karma is resolved
Congregation: Over 30 million
Meaning of Life: Live a good life of purity, honor, and respect to gain freedom from reincarnation

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