Aira Alliance

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2013-07-04 20:53

Aira Alliance



Aira Aimoa Aitas Alliance

Location: Arctic Islands
Race: Arctic Elf
Sex: Both
Restrictions: Accepted members at time of birth, or by referral of existing member
Identifiers: They were all highly intelligent & clever when it came to engineering. They were, by nature, inventors, who loved to work with developing various methodologies of building a more efficient way of living. They would hold meetings to discuss various possibilities when it came to processes, tools, and methods already developed, and how they could improve upon what existed. They were a great group of thinkers, people who could think beyond all that is seen, and move into the future. They all were natural psychics, in one way or another, and their ability to see into the future, near or far, is what complemented their brilliant minds so well.

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