Raise of Money

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2013-08-12 20:13

To cast, simply recite the spell with the full weight of your energy & intention behind the effort.  You can recite out loud, or through telepathy (your mind).

If you feel you need candles or other draws like incense or stones please use them if they make you feel in the appropriate state of mind.

Or if you'd like to bind the energies of the spell to a stone for boosting purposes use these instructions with a candle:
Pass the rock over the flame three times after the spell is recited.
Keep the rock near you to have the spell surround you.
You can use the spell as much as you like!


Raise of Money


I work hard for the meager pay I receive

I want to be compensated correctly for my labors

Grant me the giving of a raise

That the dollars I receive reflect my dedication

Influence the mind of the deciding minds to give me what I deserve!

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