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The emerald is often associated with romance, love, and nature. At times it may also be associated with Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Friday. It is the birthstone for May and according to some traditions, if an emerald is in a ring it will provide happiness. These beliefs are the results of a lengthy timeline of different ideas and superstitions about the green gemstone. The Egyptians have a notable history with emeralds. First it was used as a tablet by the Ancient Egyptians. Notably the Emerald Tablet is major evidence of this. Even today alchemists use the tablet for their endeavors. The scepter Uati was a symbol of the Twin Goddesses and gave birth to the linkage between emeralds and Gemini. Although Ancient Egypt took a few magical secrets with them to the grave, one ritual was unearthed. This ritual involved carving emerald into a scarab shape and wearing it as a charm. It would be quite a long time until emeralds became important again. With new Immortals coming from Rome, the association of emeralds and Venus came about. Venus who symbolizes life and growth is eternally linked with the Emerald.

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