Top 10 Spirits for Cleansing & Healing

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2013-06-04 16:57


1. Caladrius (Creature)
2. Unicorn (Creature)
3. Sirinia Faery (Faery)
4. Dian Cecht (Immortal)
5. Phoenix (Creature)
6. Waif Faery (Faery)
7. Amphisbaena (Creature)
8. Tooth Worm (Ancient)
9. Ki-Lin (Creature)
10. Enki (Immortal)


This is a top-ten review of the spirits that provide the best in cleansing & healing, you can read more about these entities in this Encyclopedia. You can find vessels imbued with these entities or have a custom-conjuration of any of these entities in our Online Store simply click on the entity names to find listings for the entity of your choice.

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