Caring For Dragons

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2011-06-26 18:37

Dragon Care

Dragons are as much of mystical history as any other creature, if not more. They range in size from hundreds of feet in height and length to inches in height and length.

There are dragons of purity and good and there are dragons of evil and darkness. As with all things we only offer the good and pure dragons of white light.

Dragons are revered for their magical abilities, their wisdom, their wealth and their prestige amongst the mystical creatures class. They are the highest among the creatures as they are the most adaptable, diverse and magical of all.

They are the most fanciful and devoted of the creatures as they have an affinity for the human race. They are extraordinary beasts of magical powers and the energy of their powers supersedes most creatures and any humanly powers. They are capable of supreme feats of magical display and their talents range endlessly.

Though each race of dragon has special talents known only to its race they have common threads of powers such as magical aptitude, magical casting, reading minds of humans, control over lesser creatures around them, most powerful land and air dwelling creature.

To be a Keeper of a dragon is a very special treat and they are truly beloved.

Dragons are much like dogs in terms of their behavior. To their Keeper they are intensely loyal and protective. They strive to make their Keeper happy and want their Keeper to be pleased with them.

They manifest often for their Keepers and as polymorphers Dragons can appear in shadow form, as light, as an animal and sometimes even as a human.

Depending on the race they can be very talkative and it may be necessary for you to move your Dragon away from you while you sleep or they will keep you awake.

Offerings aren't necessary for Dragons but if you want to do something special I suggest a Dragon Lair. If you cannot afford the genuine, spellcasted originals we offer you can use velvet, sand, pebbles or sea glass to give your Dragon an offering that will show them your appreciation. And for scent around the house Dragon's Blood is their favorite.

Dragons are among the most desirable creature for collection as they bond closely with their Keeper and is a life-long companionship and friendship that yields rewards for both of you.

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