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Brass Dragon



The Brass Dragon is the liveliest of the dragon races and usually live in deserts and plains. They are very talkative and aside from chat their dexterous tongues are used to collect dew early in the mornings. They speak a multitude of languages both human and languages between other creatures and animals. They are often used by insomniacs as they can lull one to sleep with their constant chatter. In ancient days if a Brass Dragon were to capture a human and the human tried to leave the dragon would bury the human in the sand up to their neck and force them to listen to them talk for hours on end.

They are also amongst the more magical of the dragon races as their social nature opened them to learning things other dragons did not. They have exceptional powers of Suggestion as their dexterous tongues are well skilled in the art of conversation and can will others to their bidding.

They also have exceptional Control spells and can make any human, creature or animal do as they wish. In their habitat they use the Control spells to keep people and creatures with them as they love company and despise being alone.

Each dragon has their own secret stash of spells and conjurations they share as they wish. They are friends for life and create deep and significant bonds with those they consider friends.

Dragons are as much of mystical history as any other creature, if not more. They range in size from hundreds of feet in height and length to inches in height and length.

There are dragons of purity and good and there are dragons of evil and darkness. As with all things we only offer the good and pure dragons of white light.

Dragons are revered for their magical abilities, their wisdom, their wealth and their prestige amongst the mystical creatures class. They are the highest among the creatures as they are the most adaptable, diverse and magical of all.

They are the most fanciful and devoted of the creatures as they have an affinity for the human race. They are extraordinary beasts of magical powers and the energy of their powers supersedes most creatures and any humanly powers. They are capable of supreme feats of magical display and their talents range endlessly.

Though each race of dragon has special talents known only to its race they have common threads of powers such as magical aptitude, magical casting, reading minds of humans, control over lesser creatures around them, most powerful land and air dwelling creature.

To be a Keeper of a dragon is a very special treat and they are truly beloved.


Originates: Earthen Realm


Occupies: Earthen & Spiritual Realms
see Realms page for more information


They have exceptional powers of Suggestion as their dexterous tongues are well skilled in the art of conversation and can will others to their bidding.


powers, suggestion, skilled, conversation


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Weekday Saturday
Planet Mars
Month August
Gemstone Unakite
Color Gold
Foliage Tangerine
Animal Lemur
Scent Marjoram
Herb Poppy Seed

Associations can be used to create a closer connection with the entity. By recognizing their associations with the Earth and Universe you can use any combination of these tools to create treats, rituals, and bonding exercises between you.

You can purchase candles, incense, cones, oils, sprays, etc scented with the Scent, Herb, or Foliage they are associated with. You can purchase statuary, paintings, prints, textiles, etc with the Color, Animal, or Foliage they are associated with and keep them in your home where the entity will see them.

To boost their presence and give them a natural feeding of Earthen core energy you can buy raw, polished or cut specimens of the Gemstone they are associated with. Place the gemstones where you keep their vessel or wear the jewelry with the gemstones when you wear the vessel.

To have peak results it is best to meditate, perform rituals, invocations or spells for the entity on the Weekday they are associated with. The Month they are associated with is a block of time to celebrate and show your appreciation for your entity!


? Wonderful treats for a Brass Dragon is sea glass, silk bedding.


?  Highly energetic, intense presence, highly magical, friendly, loyal
? Can manifest as orbs, streaks light, audible sounds, Shades, dreams, day and/or night visions.
Average size: Extra Large 16ft+
read Size page for more information
Lifespan: Extended: 1,000+ years
They have been assigned an "Extended" lifespan, read Lifespan page for more information

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