I just buy a C5 SPIRIT STONE (Succubi) and i am trying to make contact with her meditating and then sleep, but my question when i get the pack from CreepyHollows and inside i have a bag and a key I put everything together key and Stone inside the bag, i can do this ?

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2014-02-25 02:06

Thank you for writing in,

If you mean in your package there were some additional items other than your Succubus, then it's not necessary for you to keep the items together.  They are individually bound with spells or spirits.

With regard to bonding & connecting with your Succubus, it's great to bond at night time, and especially when you have a moment to really invest your personal energy.  With sexually-driven spirits it's best if you can invite them into sexually-motivated situations and share your thoughts & fantasies with them.  They feed on that kind of energy, therefore they appreciate being included in any kind of activity like that.

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