Would a spirit bound to me be offended if I allowed someone else to hold their vessel? Or does it depend on the spirit personally?

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2014-02-25 02:25

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Typically, no.  We can only speak for Creepy Hollows bindings because every practitioner has their own way of performing bindings and there is no standard amongst practitioners in the community on how to bind spirits.  With CH bindings anyone can hold the vessel, it will not offend the spirit if someone handles the vessel they are bound to, especially if it's something as simple as someone handling the vessel because they are going to clean an area, or if they touch the vessel because they are paying you a compliment.

If you have a spirit that is particularly shy, or is particularly dark, you might consider not allowing others to handle the vessel out of respect for the spirit.  However, that is not a common concern as most spirits know vessels are going to be handled and they understand that fact.

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