How Does CH Conjure So Many Spirits?

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2012-02-14 02:29

We try to keep a healthy rotation in the work cycle which is why sometimes we don't update a category of spirits for 2 weeks or more. It's easier to schedule work so we are working with Angels, or Creatures, or Gargoyles, for a slot of time. We also have a fairly even split of doing magic work and spirit work; some weeks one more than the other.

We organize our work as efficiently as possible. We print a week's orders and we schedule by spirits and magic to be performed. Of course for spirits or magic that is already conjured or cast it doesn't apply. But, for custom work of spirits or spells we organize the work so we are working with Angels, Gargoyles, Vampires, etc during one sitting. If I have 10 orders for people who are looking for Sterling Angels I work with those at the same time. Each person is presented separately and if time allows I will do conjuration work for the pre-bound spirits after the custom work is finished. If I don't then those are the times you see the Angel category not updated for awhile. Same for Ash. We try to be as efficient as possible because everything takes time.

Depending on the entity depends on the time for conjuration setup. Obviously we've been doing this so long we could do it in our sleep (well, I wouldn't recommend that literally LOL) but set up for any conjuration typically takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes and the length of conjuration depends on how many people we have looking for that specific type of entity and how many entities respond.

Using the Sterling Angel example again:

Let's say I have 5 people looking for Sterling Angels. Once in conjuration I present the first person's name. One of several things will happen when someone is presented: there's already an Angel that was calling to that person and so they respond right away... several Angels respond and the one most close to the person's energy is chosen... or nothing responds at that time and that person is cycled into the next group of people.

Of course for those conjurations when there is a spirit already calling to them and they present to me as soon as I present that person's name the actual binding process takes a few minutes to 10 minutes depending on the spirit type. However, we prepare our vessels with our unique blend of spells for protection & privacy before we start conjuration. If you are going to cast & conjure at the same time you can expect to add at time to the conjuration process.

For the times when we have to decide among several spirits that respond that can add anywhere from a few minutes or more. And for the times when there is no response we present the name several times, if nothing comes forward they are placed in the next group for the next conjuration time.

There are entities that are far more frequently requested than others. We work with the mainstays often and so we can accomplish the requests more efficiently. We work with Dragons, Unicorns, Vampires, Gargoyles, Nymphos, Volkhs, Wraiths, etc on a regular basis & can present multiple people's requests during one session of conjuration. For lesser requested entities like Hippocampus, Bannik, Harpies, Brownies, etc we may only have 1 request for each so we perform those conjurations on what we call the random day. Which means we're going to be moving from conjuration to conjuration of different entities throughout the day.

For work that is pre-bound with spirits we will have days when that is all we do for 18 hours. We move from conjuration to conjuration of each entity types and between us both we can accomplish several hundred 4 days time at 18 hours a day. Of course we do not do these days consecutively or we may collapse from energy drain. LOL We try to balance the casting work & conjuration work. Casting work is obviously a bit easier because we can enchant multiple vessels at the same time with the same spell. You can't do that with spirits.

This is why I stated it will always take us about 5-7 days to get out anything that is already finished & pre-bound, and still about 10-14 days for custom work. Sometimes custom work can move more quickly if it is an easy presentation & conjuration. It can move into a longer time frame if we are making more than one presentation or if the entity for conjuration is more difficult. We are only 2 people so we accomplish as much as we can and in times when we have a large influx of orders it's going to take us more time to get the work done for everyone.

Custom work is not as popular as pre-bound work, at least right now, so we have to concentrate our time on having entire days when we can work literally almost an entire day with conjurations. In times when we get overwhelmed we may work 20 hours in one day and Ash is good at being able to stay up for 2 days at a time when really needed, whereas I need at least 4 hours sleep.

Of course doing all of this work also has caused us to let other things go and we have to pay people to do things for us that other people have time to do for themselves. And we've also started hiring more people to help us with the office work, shipping, etc so we are able to focusing wholly on our work and not being stretched over too many things which is how we end up getting behind. This is literally what we do all day, every day.

If any of you are considering conjuring for yourselves I strongly recommend following the same formula. Even if you are going to be conjuring different entities you should schedule them so you are taking the best advantage of time & supplies. If you are interested in working with different entities that share the same materials for conjuration you should work with them in the same block of time because you will be in that groove of energy that allows you to be most efficient. Any conjuring that is random from anything else should then be scheduled so you are working from the entities that require the least amount of time & energy to those that require more time & energy.

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