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Free Gifts


In every Creepy Hollows package there are FREE GIFTS! Every week the Free Gift changes and you can always keep up-to-date with what is free by checking the homepage of the Online Store.


This section is for eBay & Etsy customers only!

For eBay customers you may receive any combination of the Free gifts below in your package, or even one of our enchanted jewelry pieces!


Enchanted Candles

White Candle :: Serenity Candle

Light the candle an hour before bed or when you first wake up to invite an instilling Serenity for your day.

Ivory Candle :: Alleviation Candle

Light the candle and enjoy a break from stress and weighing anxieties. Let all the pressures of the day melt away while your enjoy the spell of the candle.

Red Candle :: Love Candle

Put the zip back in all your love-based relationships! Light this candle for 5 minutes a day to have a spell of loving joy released around your home!

Dark Red Candle :: Psychic Candle

Have a boost in your natural psychic and intuitive abilities by lighting this candle for 10 minutes before practicing mancy in any form.

Blue Candle :: Dreamer Candle

Light this candle 10 minutes before you go to bed to have lucid, insightful dreams that you will remember in the morning!

Green Candle :: Earth's Power

Light the candle to bring a ground energy around you that allow a stronger connection to the Earth & nature.

Yellow Candle :: Inspiration Candle

Lighting this candle brings energies of Joy, Confidence & Creativity!

Purple Candle :: Mystic Candle

Light the candle to bring Channeling energies and have a Spiritual Boost!

Orange Candle :: Aura Cleanse

Light the candle & let it burn for at least 15 minutes to experience an aura-cleansing energy!

Binding Bag

These gifts come in an organza bag... here is an invocation you can use to transform the bag into a class 2 binding bag. Once you recite the invocation the bag can now serve you as a binding bag so if you place an empty object inside of it and recite the appropriate invocation you can bind spirits or spells to objects yourself! Any objects bound in the bag will be a class 1 or class 2 depending on your invocation skills. You can use this with any of the invocations in our online store. You can place a stone, piece of jewelry, any object you want inside and bind it with a spirit or spell!

Here is the invocation:

Kindly harbor dear friend
A spellbound to you
Ripple softly the winds
Sweeping over you with its magic
That which is placed inside
Now becomes a target of my words
That it becomes a vessel for a spirit

Dragon Beads

Each bead is handmade of glass, they are beautiful and wonderful to collect, no two beads are exactly alike! Each contains its own secret blessing... yours could be for wealth, love, luck, health, family, intelligence, magic, psychic, power... the sky's the limit and you can keep the bead on your person, in any of your keeping boxes, if you have multiple beads you can string them into a keychain, bracelet, necklace, charm - just owning the bead brings you the enchantment of its secret blessing! Size, color and design will vary.


These shells have an enchantment that repels negative energy and promotes cleansing of your spiritual body! You can keep the shell on your person, with your spirits in any of your boxes, anywhere in your home still affords you its powers! Size, color and type of shell will vary.


Place this feather under your pillow or in your pillowcase at night to have blissful sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning!

Protection & Cleansing Stone

The front of the stone has an eye on it that brings power and protection to the one bearing it. The back of the stone has a symbol that brings the spelled powers of cleansing to your bodies to remove infiltrating energies that negatively effect you.

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