Creepy Hollows Favorite 117 Spell Meanings

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Traditional Spell List

Creepy Hollows Spells

Bring Good Luck
Enhances the outcome of good luck in all situations

Draw Money
Increases the opportunity of acquiring cash

Gambling Rewards
Increases the odds in your favor in all situations that can be defined as gambling

Inspire Wealth
Enhances the ability to gain wealth through all avenues; work, surprise, assets, borrowed money returned, etc.

Bring Great Success
Enhances all situations to be in your favor and allow you to experience victory

Attract Monetary Gain
Increases the number of opportunities where situations will bring you money; i.e. jobs, lottery, real estate, etc

Get a Job
Increases the opportunity of you acquiring a desirable job

Borrower Return Money
Having someone who borrowed money from you return it to you

Great Odds in Chance
Increases odds in your favor involving games of chance that can be considered just chance and not skill, i.e. scratch-off lottery

Gain Power
Gathers the energies of strength around you to increase your energy of power, this allows you to exert a more dominant stance in all realms

Influence Court Case
To influence a court case to sway in your favor

Pact-Making Bond
Allows you to make a pact between yourself and another person or entity that requires a relationship of give and take; i.e. a relationship where you do something and the other gives you something in return

Invoke Powers/Magic
Allows to you gain immediate access to the powers or magic of a vessel or spirit in your collection

Control Over Self
Exerting control over yourself and all aspects of yourself, this proves handy in situations where your willpower may normally wane

Control Over Others
Exerting your thoughts and energy over others to have your influence placed upon them and therefore their behavior being favorable to you

Control Over Spirit
Extering your thoughts and energy over spirits to have your influence placed upon them and therefore their behavior being favorable to you

Trap Spirit of Entity
Used to capture an unbound spirit for temporary purposes (conversation, becoming familiar) or to permanently use other measures to bind them to a vessel or yourself

Contact the Dead
Creates a temporary connection (usually no more than a few hours) to the realm of human spirits

Persuasion Over Others
Influencing others to come to your way of thinking or agreeing with you in a situation

Persuasion Over Entities
Influencing entities to come to your way of thinking or agreeing with you in a situation

Relieve Tension
Dissolves any stress, tension or worries plaguing you

Bring Emotion
Encourages true emotion to come out in a situation rather than half-truths or lies

Calm Other's Spirit
Used to bring peace to friends, family, loved ones or strangers who you feel need peace

Calm Own Spirit
Used to bring peace to yourself and allow for a neutral place of mind

Decrease Burden
Assists in decreasing burdens such as responsibilities or other tasks that cause you problems

Relieve Anger
Helps to calm the energies that cause anger

Lighten Mood
Provides an uplifting atmosphere to influence a good mood

Bring Peace
Allows a calm, peaceful energy to enter a person, place or situation involving multiple people

Instill Spiritual Relief
Brings a cleansing energy to your spirit to allow relief and central balance

Bring Protection
Brings energies of protective nature around yourself

Repel Negative Energy
Drives away any negative energies trying to influence or attack you

Safeguard Spirit
Creates a barrier around you of positive energy to dissolve negative energies

Undo Hex
Remove the effects of a hex to return you to original form

Cleanse Aura
Removes any blemishes from your aura

Protect Aura
Creates protective energies around your aura to keep negative energies or blemishes from occuring

Lift to New Plane
Works best with those who want to interact with the spiritual or astral plane, this will help you ascend

Bring Enlightenment
Influences the energies to be attracted to you that are needed in achieving greater understanding, comprehension and wisdom

Ethereal Bliss
Brings a glorious feeling of being ethereally blessed, i.e. feeling of being touched by an angel

Remove Curse
Removes the effects done to you by a curse restoring you to proper form

Breaks the tie between you and another person or entity that resulted in a jinx

Removes the effects done to you by someone crossing you and restoring you to proper form

Repel Enemy
Keeps your enemies away from you and their ability to cause you trouble

Dream Recall
The ability to remember a dream you had in detail

Forget a Secret
Erases the memory of a secret someone told you

Wisdom Building
Creates the energies necessary to create the building-blocks of acquiring true wisdom

Remove Obstacles
Helps remove anything that is causing you blockage in communication with spirits, ability to practice magic, creative blocks, something keeping you from success, and any other blocks causing you problems

Find Lost Objects
Assists in finding lost items

Recreation of Self
Allows you to find a recreation of your expected self to your true self, i.e. the ability to tell the difference between what you are doing because it is expected of you and what you should really be doing

Cast Stronger Magic
Increases the magic your practice by 20x

Commune With Earth
Ability to communicate with the earth's natural energies and use them

Commune With Spirit
Ability to communicate with spirits

Create Triumvirate
Create a bond between yourself and two other spirits, people or spells which creates the ability for you to be more in tune with these entities

Receive Visions
A method of mancy known as clairvoyance

Block Visions
Remove the ability of clairvoyance

Astral Travel
Ability to connect to the astral realm in sleep and commune with entities and spirits of the realm

Star Power
Provides you a direct bond with the astral realm in the universe you most closely match energies with

Scribe of Psychic Power
Provides you psychic ability through writing, i.e. automatic writing

Revelation of Power
Ability to realize power in spirits, magic, energies and differentiate between the powers

Bring Kindness
Influences the emotion of kindness to be brought into self, another person or situation

Find Psychic Calling
Ability to realize your own strongest, psychic ability

Reveal Spiritual Twin
Allows you to make a link to the other person on Earth who most closely resembles your personal energy

Mirror Astral Being
Allows you to recongize the astral entity your energy most closely matches

Dreamless Sleep
Keeps you from dreaming at night and have a restorative sleep

Reveal Secret
Influences the secrets of others to be revealed to you in many ways

Command Others
Directly influence the actions of others

Soul Tap
Be able to communicate with others through the tapping of their spirit, alive or dead

Mind Control
Influences the minds of others with your thoughts

Detect Magic
Ability to realize the magic that exists within a person, vessel or place however secretive it may be

Reveal Magic
Influences the magic of a person, vessel or place to be revealed, i.e. what the magic is and what it is used for

Elemental Earth
Creates a direct bond between you and the Earth's core energies

Magic Preference
Allows you to recognize your strongest magical ability

Absorb Energy
Absorb the energy of another person, spirit or place

Absorb Magic
Absorb the magic of another person, spirit or place

Reveal True Self
Allows the true character of someone to be revealed to you

Mercurial Blessing
Ability to decipher higher codes as often shown through immortals

Dominate Others
Exert a dominant energy to make others view you as a leader

Alteration of Magic
Slightly alter the intention of magic and influence the outcome however you see fit

Illusion to Other
Make yourself appear different to others than you really are

Bring Love
Creates energies around you that attract love

Inspire Lust
Creates energies around you that makes other lust for you

Ignite Passion
Creates energies that makes you and someone else feel an urgency of passion

Enhance Romance
Creates a romantic nature between you and someone else

Fiery Sexual Pleasure
Creates stronger sexual gratification

Hot Attraction
Creates energies that makes others superficially attracted to you

Increase Sexual Nature
Creates energies around you that makes you feel more sexual

Keep a Love
Inspires someone to stay with you

Bring Back a Love
Used to rekindle a relationship that no longer exists

Influences forgiveness between people to lead to resolution of an argument

Bring Fidelity
Inspires a partner to stay faithful

Know True Love
Ability to recognize if you are with your true love

Grant Wishes
Have the wishes you make granted

Charm Others
Creates energies around you that make your charming and alluring to others

Curative Relief
Provides cleansing and healing energies to your bodies

Bring Desires
Influences opportunties to arise where you can fulfill your desires

Inspire Happiness
Provides you energies that allow you to be truly happy

Lighten Stress
Takes the edge off a stressful day and in the long term builds towards relieving you of stressful responsibilities

Bring Strength
Builds your willpower and ability to exert strong energies in situations

Glory in Feats
Influences victory to be in your favor in all situations

Sound of Success
Allows you to find success for yourself and provide energies to others to assist them in success

Reveal Weakness
Shows you the weakness in others for your advantage

Open Spiritual Portal
Opens a portal to allow you access into the spiritual realm

Open Astral Portal
Opens a portal to allow you access into the astral realm

Transmute Magic
Move the magic inside of one vessel into another permanently

Good Luck in All Things
Influences the outcome of all situations to be in your favor

Restore Spirit
Provides cleansing and healing of your spirit to return to a healthy balance

Restore Astral Being
Provides cleansing and healing of your astral body to return to a healthy balance, great for those who do a lot of astral travel

Contact Entity
Allows you to make a connection to an entity that is not a spirit, i.e. immortals

Contact Spirit
Allows you to make a connection to spirits of any race

Contact Creature
Allows you to make a connection to creatures, i.e. animals

Reveal Physical Beauty
Reveals to others your physical traits that make you beautiful

Reveal Spiritual Beauty
Reveals to others your character traits and spiritual traits that make you beautiful

Bring to the Light
Provides you stronger energies in white light to gain stronger connection to purely white entities

Hidden Knowledge
Provides you with knowledge you would not otherwise have because it is forgotten, embedded in riddles or puzzles, or otherwise difficult to gain without help

Power of Mysticism
Ability to create a true connection of mystic power, what is needed to gain a stronger bond and understanding of mystic entities, i.e. immortals, gods/goddesses

Alchemist's Rising
Ability to practice, understand and bond with sciences and philosophies related to magic

Gift of the Mage
Provides a greater bond to the true magic and ancient practices of witches, warlocks, sages, mages, necromancers, etc

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