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2011-06-26 19:03

Divination Cards

Divination Card

The Divination Cards are vintage cards that predict your short-term future (can be anywhere from days to months).

:: 1 ::

Gloves off, it's time for you to forge ahead on the project you've been procrastinating with.

:: 2 ::

Romance is not far off, take a leap of faith and enjoy tender moments.

:: 3 ::

Now is the best time for you to cast spellwork, the results will be greater than average.

:: 4 ::

Happiness is at your doorstep, let go of any guilt or anger you've harbored lately and invite happiness in.

:: 5 ::

Do not make any definite plans, you need to float right now and take a little of everything.

:: 6 ::

Regain your passion for your favorite hobby, you need release right now and not work too hard.

:: 7 ::

Be careful, someone is vying for your joy. Keep a close eye on those you know are your enemy.

:: 8 ::

Good luck follows you, take chances and enjoy the wave of everything going your way.

:: 9 ::

The answer to a question that has been plaguing your mind is "no".

:: 10::

Hunker down, a storm is heading your way, be steadfast and you will make it through just fine.

:: 11 ::

Do not second guess yourself, you are in your element to make the best decisions and the right decisions.

:: 12 ::

You are best to make spiritual strides right now as your spirit is strongest now than ever before.

:: 13 ::

Love is in the air, soak up all the love around you right now and let it help you grow.

:: 14 ::

Exercise your creativity right now by writing down the best events in your life and share them with others.

:: 15 ::

You will have a significant experience that will change your life.

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