Caring For Fae

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2011-06-26 18:38

Faery Care

How to prepare your home is key to the harmony, happiness and effectiveness of your faeries. As with any being if you're unhappy you don't act the same. From here on the word Faery represents Fae, Nymphs and Merfolk.

Faeries of any water - I suggest you have a basket, it can be enchanted or unenchanted, to keep in your bathroom. Before you take your shower place the faeries in the basket and place them on the sink while you shower. The warm steam is a wonderful treat for them. When you do the dishes place your faeries in a basket on the window ledge as you wash or rinse the dishes and if you have a dishwasher place the basket on the counter above the washer so they can hear the water. This is very important, water fae love to have sight, sound and feel of their home. And yes, as you can imagine my home is littered with baskets but it helps keep your faeries together, bonded and secure feeling. For longevity you should keep your faeries in a faery enchanted box such as the Faery Keeping boxes offered in our store.

Faeries of salt water - In addition to the aforementioned tips specifically for salt water faeries I suggest once every few weeks you gather your salt water fae, group them together and draw a ring of salt around them. Leave them overnight and let them absorb the power of nature's energy in the salt. You will be AMAZED at how powerful they feel the next day. They really feed from the salt's energy.

Faeries of the woodlands & forests - This may sound crazy but I'll explain it further, I keep my woodland fae in a small birdcage outside during the nice days and bring them in at night. I suggest a birdcage as it limits the number curious woodland creatures who will try to run astray with your faeries. No, I'm not kidding. I have had squirrels, birds, chipmunks and cats try to snatch my faeries in their mouths and carry them off. Nature's creatures are going to be attracted to your fae and try to interact with them. The fae emit an energy that acts like a magnet and naturally they are going to want to share in it. When you take your fae outside place them near foliage. If you have trees on your property place them in the shade of the tree or place them in the grass. If you have property near you as I do take them for a walk in the birdcage. I do this every week but do it at your convenience because you'll want to do it when you want to because if you do something against your wishes they will pick up on your negative vibe and it will be a miserable experience for all. When they are indoors I keep them near my bountiful houseplants during the day and at night I keep them in their Keeping Box.

Garden Faeries - What bubbly sweet fae these are! I have flower and vegetable gardens I keep during Spring, Summer and Fall. During the day I keep my garden fae in their own, private birdcage admist my flowers and vegetables. I move them about during the day so they can enjoy multiple aspects of my gardens. Being near their home and passion breathes new life into your fae. During the winter and when I do not go into the garden I keep a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase and I keep them near it. If you don't keep fresh flowers in your home keep them near your houseplants and in a Keeping Box at night.

Mountain Faeries - These are the most reclusive fae and require a great deal of trust between the two of you. I keep them in my freezer at all times unless I am conversing with them. They are really only comfortable in cold temperatures and so I keep them in the freezer. They don't mind being out while I spend time with them and sometimes I will talk with them for a few hours but the moment I am done and know I will not be coming back to them within a half an hour I place them back into their home in the freezer. I keep them in clear tupperware because they not only like to experience the cold they like to see the frost on the sides and ceiling of the freezer. Faeries of the sky & astral realm - A very open and giving race that usually deals in the granting of desires and wishes. I keep them on the pillow of my bed. I have a pink, silk ribbon and I tie each of them to the ribbon and lay the ribbon out across my pillow. They really appreciate and enjoy the personal connectiveness it offers. I speak to my sky and astral faeries mostly at night and they intervene in my dreams most often. At night I keep them in a Keeping Box on my nightstand.

Earth faeries belong to the race of faeries you see in commercial art and those that look like miniature humans belong to the Garden, Woodland, Fresh Water, Salt Water variety. The Fire, Air, Ice, Earthen, Mountain, Valley, River and Physical faeries are not humanesque at all. Fire, Air, Ice and Earthen faeries are all manifestations of light, energy, sound and their element. Mountain, Valley, River and Physical faeries are polymorphers that can change body size, shape, color, appearance, texture, sound and energy level depending on what they need accomplished.

Spiritual faeries are rarely seen and when they are you see them as light. They are the faeries that are much more powerful than Earth faeries and can inhabit and effect the lives of a human. They can become part of you, reside within your every action and thought and are often companioned when a human wants to make a change in their life. Spiritual faeries can effect the path of destiny you are on... avenge wrongdoing... control your mind and control the minds of others... they effect your aura, spirit and emotional state... they control the magic within you and can make you stronger or weaker... they can balance your karma... bring to a normal or higher level of consciousness... and the absolutely wonderful thing is that they are always white, positive light so you don't have to worry about them adversely affecting you.

Astral faeries can appear as orbs of light or streaks of light when they wish. They are the faeries that grant wishes, allow travel between the planes and realms of the Earth, Spirit and Astral.... allow time travel on any realm and between realms... bestow you a higher connection to the gods... move magic between people, objects and realms... bring you closer to ethereal beings... and have the ability to govern any/all aspects of the other realms.

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