Caring For Gargoyles

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2011-06-26 18:39

Gargoyles are creatures of intense loyalty and their focus reigns primarily on the protection and guardianship of their Keeper and family. Their appearance can be as varying as the types of flowers on earth... the only common demoninator being they are grotesquely intimidating. When they manifest to their Keeper it could be as an animal, a stone creature, or a mix of both.

All Gargoyles

They enjoy spending time with their Keeper.

Can cohabit with any other race of entity amicably.

Love the scent of Bayberry, Blackberry, Cumin, Fern, Lemon Grass, Marjoram, Peony, and Spanish Moss.

Enjoy being lay on top of pebbles, stones, high shelves or window sills, or wool.

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