FAQ Glossary

a being that is currently living its lifetime and will eventually pass into spirit form, or is an Immortal and cannot pass into spirit form.rnThis word is, however, often used to describe any paranormal being and should be evaluated in its context to derive the meaning.
a being that is incapable of dying through any means. Gods & goddesses are the primary example of Immortals.
Invoke / Invocation
a string of words in short or long form used to invoke an action, energy, or spirit. These words can be read out loud or said through telepathy.
Neutral Arts or Neutral Energy
energy that exists of a paranormal level but does not have any intention or motivation. It is neither white or dark and can be channeled & used as white or dark in efforts or used on its own as simply a paranormal energy source.
Paranormal Collector
someone who collectors items that emit a paranormal energy through natural occurrence, magic, or spirit.
an opening between realms which can be used to transport one's self from one realm to another in physical, spiritual, or astral form. Portals occur naturally or can be opened & closed through invocation (portal keys).
Portal Keys
a string of words used to create an opening between two realms; known as a portal.
a being that lived a life and died on the physical, spiritual, or astral realm. The spirit is the essence of the once, living being and retains their core "self". It is not to be confused with the soul which is the divine aspect of each living being that moves onto their respective "heaven". There are tens of thousands of different entities known to exist that pass into spirit form, and billions of spirits from the tens of thousands of races that exist on the physical, spiritual, and astral realms. Many spirits are open to sharing their existence with humans as a shared life exchanging the benefits each offers to the other.
Spirit Keeper *
someone who collects bindings of spirits of various nature to complement their life in multiple aspects.rnrn* Indicates a word or term coined by Creepy Hollows to describe an aspect of Paranormal Collecting.
Spirit Stone *
gemstones specially prepared to be a home to a spirit of any origin.