FAQ Glossary

is the process of calling an entity or spirit. It is not always 100% accurate when used simply as a call to an Angel, for example. The more specific you are in summoning the better off you are. It has little or no structure provided and therefore calling out for assistance could result in any entity willing to respond to do so. Summoning does not require invocations or rituals and can be done through verbal expression, use of a vessel, or telepathy.
spirits that roam without any obligation to a specific person or place.
what is used to bind a spirit or spell for keeping by a human. A vessel can be a tangible object like jewelry or gemstones, or can be the person's spirit.
White Arts (WA)
A ranking of white means the spirit is good, positive, has an uplifting & kind energy associated with it.rnrnA ranking of white means the magic, spell or enchantment is of a positive, white light origin.