Belial/Beliar-Demon of lies


Belial (or Beliar) is a Demon who less popular than Beelzebub but still has a name in modern demonology.  For those who don’t know, Belial is a demon of lies. A lie is a lie and sinful nonetheless in the Holy Bible.  The name has a Hebrew origin from beli yaal, this means ‘without worth’.  A cruel demon of deceit and evil temptations all stick to Belial’s black name. This demon was a figure in the Sibylline Oracles, which was a collection of Christian and Jewish information of propaganda, and there was an odd prediction that Belial someday will show up on Earth.  This of course brings some hysteria to the religious about a possible antichrist. The Sibylline Oracles’ mention of him is “Beliar shall come in later time and shall raise the mountain heights and raise the sea, the great fiery sun and the bright moon, and he shall raise up the dead and shall perform many signs for men: but they shall not be effective in him. Nay, but he deceives and many shall he deceive.” Since Belial is the demon of lies and deceit, it would make sense for fear to spread since Belial would lie and trick those into worshipping him.

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