Why do some listings for spirits have long, detailed descriptions, and some do not?

In the community of Spirit Keeping long-winded descriptions began on eBay.  It is not typical that a practitioner should become overly involved in mingling with a spirit when they are intended to be re-homed.  It can cause issues in the re-homing process as the only person who should bond with the spirit is the person the spirit is intended to be with as their Keeper.  Spirit interviews, spirit counseling, spirit communication services are all something that spawned from eBay and from those newer to the field, they aren’t recommended practices because the only person who should be conversing with the spirits in your care are yourself, and in some cases when an issue does arise the original practitioner should be the first consulted.  With spirit consultation services it is too easy to open the door for intentional & unintentional false information; those less honest will try to scare you into buying protection or services by telling you your spirits are bad, some will try to tell you that you have the wrong spirits and you should only buy from “X” seller (someone they are in cahoots with), and for those times when it is not intentional, false information from the spirit reader it could be that the spirit you asked to be read doesn’t want a third-party prying into their business.  For these reasons, and you can see how the issues can sprout further from the few mentioned, you should be the only one conversing with your spirits.  Otherwise, you open yourself to more complications.

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