What if I don’t feeling anything from my spirits? What should I do?

The best thing you can do is be consistent, be focused, and be dedicated to doing so.  Sometimes people connect with a spirit immediately, within hours, some within months.  It’s difficult to say exactly when because each spirit is different and you may connect to one spirit much faster than to another.  Patience and persistence are going to be your biggest allies in making connections & bonding with spirits.  The most valued way to communicate is telepathy, but you can also use a communication board, pendulum, automatic writing, tarot, and many other outlets of a paranormal nature.  Utilize any tools you can, including spells, associations, bonding rituals, and don’t be shy to ask others in the community what their tips & tricks are, you’ll find other Keepers are open, thoughtful, and great in sharing with other Keepers.  Our forum is once such venue, and has thousands of threads for reference made by Keepers just like you.

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