The Face of Spirit Keeping

The ability to conjure, and speak to spirits, for thousands of years, was a reserved practice for those deemed worthy enough to peek behind the veil of the Spiritual Realm. How far we've all come, as we live in the 21st century, and the ability to keep spirits, which span multiple cultures, religions, Realms, and dimensions, is a daily practice for us all.

There is no doubt, the wisdom of the Spiritual Realm is available to the masses, and therefore, the power of the Spiritual Realm, in our lives, becomes a force which we relate to, and rely on.

Spirit Keeping is something that has become a widespread event, and in welcoming in so many new people it has become independently stronger. It has brought strength through new ideas, ingenuity, and passion, and it has also brought miscommunications, and misunderstanding.

There is nothing wrong in simply appreciating the art of Spirit Keeping. It is not a stepping stone, for all to become conjurers themselves. You can simply live as a Spirit Keeper, without the need to learn to do conjurations for yourself, or for strangers.

Being a Spirit Keeper means you live within the Spirit Keeping principles:

1. Responsibility
2. Respect
3. Communication
4. Honor

Responsibility- you take responsibility for ensuring you can provide a safe environment for your spirits. Which includes, if you have Dark Arts spirits, you keep solid House Rules.

Respect- you respect the varying beliefs, thoughts, and contributions of the spirits you keep, and don't admonish them with judgment, and criticism.

Communication- you make every, good faith, effort to communicate with your spirits. Even if you can't see, or hear them yet, they can still see, hear, feel, and know what you are doing.

Honor- you keep an open mind, you be considerate of their requests, and you treat them as you would any good friend.

They are basics, yes, but sometimes in the frustration of new Keepers not being able to see, hear, or feel their spirits, they become restless, and frustrated. Which only leads to even more difficulty in keeping spirits.

With the rate the Spirit Keeping community is now growing, it's important for you to remember it's a serious step. It's not like buying some new toy, it's a commitment of friendship, trust, and consideration between two entities (yourself, and the spirit).

It's perfectly okay for you to simply be a Spirit Keeper, it's a wonderful thing unto itself, and it does not mean that you are required, down the road, to delve into anything further than simply being a good Spirit Keeper.

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