Powers of Manifestation & Paranormal Control

I was recently asked about finding an entity that can manifest and exert control over objects, the weather, etc. and I found it an important enough question that it should be covered here.

There are many entities that can manifest in physical form but there are factors involved. First of all of course the entity you choose because not all even have that capability. Secondly is the likelihood that any entity would manifest to you - do you have second sight? Are you a sensitive person? Have you seen ghosts or manifestations before? Because for something to manifest before you there has to be one of two criteria met - you are either already born with the ability or you have an entity long enough it trusts you to do that. Physical manifestations are not to be taken lightly and for those unprepared or not accustomed to such things may cause a serious health issue, people have been known to suffer small but scary heart attacks, panic attacks, be rendered unconscious, etc. And physical manifestations are usually not controlled by the Keeper but rather a decision made on the behalf of the entity.

The entities most likely to manifest are Dragons and Vampires. Some races of Dragon do present themselves in human form, but again, one of the two criteria has to be met.

As far as the manipulation of tangible objects outside of the realm of Earth law (gravity, physics, biology, etc) that lays largely in the magical ability or potential of the person, not the entity. You could have the most powerful entity that can be contained within this realm and not be able to use it to its fullest potential because of your lack of ability. That is why I tell novices that getting a class 4 or 5 spirit or spelled object, for most people, is something that will last a lifetime because most people do not extend their studies to encompass the root or core magic and strengthen their abilities alongside the abilities of the entity. And that's fine because most collectors just want the companionship, the help, the rewards and the natural spiritual growth that comes with keeping a spirit.

When it comes to manipulation of Earthen elements such as the weather (clouds, rain, lightning, thunder, snow, winds, etc), soil (dirt, rocks, sand, stones, minerals), water (any form of liquid), fire (any form of fire), etc there are MANY entities whose energies are capable of manipulating and changing the patterns of these elements but 99% of the time it is within the reason of the Earth and not against the laws of physics, biology, gravity, etc.

Are there entities or people who have these powers, yes. Are you going to get these powers by owning an entity or spelled piece, probably not. I would say one in one-hundred million people is born with the ethereal and magical blessings to be able to grow such powers and most of the it follows bloodlines. There are some who can educate themselves and find enough experience and wisdom to do one task that defies the laws of the Earth but even then you are still talking one in fifty million people... if that.

I have never known people with those abilities to advertise them, publically flaunt them or otherwise draw attention to themselves. They don't and for good reason. I know of a coven in Australia and a few people here in the US who have such abilities and they are not going to divulge their secrets and powers themselves... others may speak of them but you'll never see them or hear from them. They blend into the crowd just like anyone else because to expose themselves as what they are could cause them serious danger.

Exceptional power lies with many entities but it is the combination of both the natural or learned power of the Keeper and the power of the entity that can yield extraordinary results. If you do not have the power to move boulders or part the seas then you cannot expect a spirit to compensate your lack thereof.

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