Mantras for Sprits

Mantras for Sprits

Angels: Zer Hao "Zur How"
Creatures: Mili Ru "Mee-lee Roo"
Dark Arts: Dai Cal "Day Kahl"
Djinn: Feri Mos "Fee-ree Mohz"
Dragons: Nium Rod "Nee-um Rahd"
Elves: Lavo Fam "Lah-voh Fahm"
Fae: Spir Sop "Speer Sop"
Gargoyles: Hac Stad "Hock Stad"
Immortals: Lal Pos "Lahl Pohz"
Nymphos: Rin Eno "Ren Ee-noh"
Vampires: Kie Hae "Kee Hay"

These mantras are each designed to resonate with every person the same way because of the energy they create as related to their respective group of spirits.  You must be in a quiet state of mind & body to feel the full effect.  You will repeat these two words over & over until you feel a connection to the energy.

The purpose of using these mantras is multi-fold.  You can use these mantras prior to working with spirits of their respective kind, which helps put you in the right energy to receive the greatest results from your interactions with the spirits.  Another reason is to feel your connection to different races of spirits.  You may be trying to find out which kind of spirit would be best for you, which kind of spirit would best help you with a situation, which type of spirit you'd be best off working with on a particular day, etc.

Using these mantras helps to Channel your energy into the appropriate state of being.  It draws & shapes your energy into the correct field, and provides you the right atmosphere.

You can use these if you simply just want to identify with the energy-base, if you plan on bonding with a spirit, if you plan on interacting with a spirit, asking them to help you with a specific task, or to simply identify with the energy levels of a specific spirit.

By using these mantras you create a Channel that is conducive to creating an atmosphere. You gather the appropriate energies to steer your collective needs in the right direction. When you recite these mantras you want to relax your face, draw out the tones, and let them take shape as you say them.

As you use these mantras, and as you work with them at different times through days, weeks, months, you'll realize when you hit the nail on the head, and when you don't feel as connected.

These mantras can be helpful for someone who is just starting out with Spirit Keeping to find their way, or those whose already experienced to identify what kind of spirit they need in their life, or to feel the type of energy the spirit in their keep has, which helps them bond and connect.

You should repeat the mantra until you feel you have fully connected. And, the number of times you have to say it completely depends on the day, your energy that day, what you're most connected to. Once you start saying these mantras you will feel the energy build & build, and you'll realize when you're saying the mantra when you're energy & connection has reached its peak. I find that if you put a specific number to a mantra people tend to put their focus on the number, and not the mantra.

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