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Spirit Keepers are an unintentionally exclusive group.  It's not that we aren't welcoming of anyone, because we are of anyone who practices, it's just the average, "normal" person doesn't get it.  It's our opinion, and certainly proven through facts, the enlightened among the world can understand Spirit Keeping.  Those who open their minds, their hearts, and their spirituality to the Spiritual World find themselves called to this lifestyle. 

What makes Spirit Keeping inherently unique amongst the spiritual backdrop of the more well-known practices is Spirit Keeping is welcoming of all religions, faiths, or lack thereof.  Its inclusivity only further amplifies its exclusivity.  Spirit Keeping can be practiced by anyone therefore those who practice know they are all sharing the common bond of keeping spirits, not a common bond through religious subscription or line of spiritual faith. 

Keepers can further themselves through spiritual awakening by interacting and keeping spirits of various beliefs and faiths themselves.  Through these relationships they can gather a greater understanding of various spiritual beliefs; including beliefs that may be long extinct.  You absorb so much about what in the world is different, but more surprisingly, how much of the world is exactly the same.  The power of history comes alive and is with you, every day, helping you to see yourself, your life, and the world around you in a more appreciative way.  Whether it be classified as intrinsic knowledge or shared knowledge, you find yourself the recipient of messages, words, and understanding beyond that of anyone else around you.

Spirit Keepers have a greater set of resources to live life, understand the world around them, and build their destiny.  The population of Spirit Keepers to the world's population is estimated to be 0.0000142857%, and to be included in that exclusive group is something worth striving for.

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