Were is the Word


Were is the word... Were-wolf, Were-pyre, Were-cat, Were-lion, Were-rat, Were-boar and so on. What is important is the "Were"... what does it mean? Were is the prefix that means that whatever description is about to follow is half human! That's right "Were" means human and not just human... a male human in most ancient texts. However, being the recorders were often male, as females were little educated then with the exception of the vastly wealthy (and sometimes not even then!), they failed to accurately record the truth behind the shapeshifting half-humans. Many humans were transformed through whatever catalyst as per each entity requires to become shifted and they weren't just males. A Vampire for literally more than a thousand years was properly Werepyre... half-man, half-pyre. However, it wasn't just men who fell to shapeshifting transformations. History records time and time again throughout Greek, Roman, English, German, French, Chinese and even American lore how men and women became Werewolves, Werepyres, Werecats and so on. It was because men were actually referred to as "were" in place of "man" that men who recorded history chose the prefix "were" as a means of encompassing an entire human race who fell victim to transformation as half-something.

So the next time you see the word Werewolf or Werepyre you'll know exactly what that means!

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