Discover Your Past Lives through Playing Card Deck Reading

This method of Past Life Reading (PLR) using an ordinary deck of playing cards was developed by the owners of the site, Magnolia & Ash.  It is intended to give a baseline and a general sense of past life activity, and is not a substitute for an in-depth past life reading performed by a professional.


Use this methodology with a sense of the general purpose in which it was created & intended.


To begin you must cleanse the deck, even if it is a new deck.  If you already have a cleansing spell for removing residual energies, you can use that, or you can use this simple spell:


Hold the deck between both of your hands & recite:

Upon this tool impart a cleansing wave

To wash away the energies that plague

Restore to new in pure estate

Providing me a tool with clean slate


This next spell is optional, but is recommended to provide better results:


Hold the deck between both of your hands & recite:

A gift of mancy I request upon this instrument

That all return is what is meant to be wisdom granted unto me

The sight into the lives that once I traversed upon this planet

And to glean from this the power intended by this reading




Number cards are worth their face value, Aces are worth 1, Jacks, Queens, & Kings are worth 10.


There are 5 points you can receive from doing a Past Life Reading this way; past life count, sex, location, occupation, cause of death.


Past Life Count

Lay three cards out side-by-side.  Add the face values of each card together, multiply by 120 and divide by 30.

Past Life Count

In this example: 3+10+5 = 18 x 120 = 2,160 / 30 = 72


You can read as many lives as you desire.  We will go over how to read one.  I suggest writing out a template for you to use over & over.


Past Life 1




Cause of Death:


Before you start, hold the deck between your hands, and focus for a few moments on achieving results for your first reading.


Write out your template for your first past life reading.


How to read past life sex:


Lay out three cards side-by-side, and add the face values together.

Female: 3-16

Male: 17-30


Past Life Sex

In this example: 2+10+4 = 16

Results: the life you are reading for was a female


How to read location of a past life:


Lay out three cards side-by-side, and multiply the face values of the cards.


Past Life Location

In this example: 8x10x3 = 240


How-To Determine the Location Results

1. Pacific Ocean location: 1-83

2. Atlantic Ocean location: 84-167

3. Arctic Ocean location: 168-250

4. Indian Ocean location: 251-333

5. Mediterranean Ocean location: 334-417

6. North America: 418-501

7. South America: 502-585

8. Africa: 586-669

9. Europe: 670-753

10. Asia: 754-837

11. Caribbean: 838-921

12. Antarctica: 922-1,000


In this reading, the location of the past life was somewhere in the Arctic Ocean area.


How to determine a past life occupation:


Lay out three cards, two on the bottom, and one on the top.

Past Life Occupation

In this example: the prevailing card is "8".


How-To Determine the Occupation:

Labor: A, 2

       Jobs that included hard labor

Non-Labor: 7,8

       Usually positions of nobility

Skilled: 3,4

       Jobs that included having skill such as carpentry, sculpting, arts

Non-Skilled: 9,10

       Jobs that were apprentice work, or supplemental work

Educated: J,Q,K

       Jobs that included having a year or more of education to complete; such as politicians, lawyers, etc.

Non-Educated: 5,6

       Jobs that are not hard labor, or not skilled


The results of this reading were "8" so the position in the life you are reading for is Non-Labor.


How to determine cause of death:


Lay out three cards side-by-side.  Add the first two together, and subtract the last card.  If you have a (-) number as the result of the equation you do not need to draw cards again, you use the number result as itself.

Natural cause of death: 2-8

Accidental death: 9-13

Murder or foul play: 14-20


Past Life Cause of Death

In this example: 3+10 = 13 - 1 = 12


The results of this reading show the cause of death for this life was accidental.


Total results

Past Life Count: 72

Life Sex: Female

Location: Arctic Ocean area

Occupation: Non-Labor

Cause of Death: Accident


Repeat as many times as you wish to determine the results of various past lives lived!

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