A somewhat primitive yet powerful tool used by the strongest warriors or knights, the axe. The axe is also a symbol in religion, as it is symbolic to the Cretan religion in the form of a double-headed axe. This may be because it could have been used for sacrificial reasons.  An iron axe might as well have been a gift from the Gods, because iron was seen as a gift from the Gods. Wielding the iron axe was seen as power or strength. Another reason that the axe is an interesting tool was the ability to help you find treasure—buried treasure. The way to do it was to first heat the edge of an axe, place it upright in the ground, and put a piece of rounded agate on the edge.  If the agate remained on the axe, then there was no treasure. However, if the agate were to fall in the same direction three times, you could find your treasure.  The term for an axe being used for divination is called axinomancy; this method of finding treasure is a form of axinomancy.  Witchcraft also had a use for axes; a witch would place an axe in the ground upright and start to ‘milk’ the handle like someone would milk a cow. The result was supposed to be cows in the town or village wouldn’t be able to produce milk. English dream interpretations say that an axe in a dream may mean that danger is coming to a friend.  American dream interpretations are similar, but it means there is possible death or danger. 

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