Genius Loci

Genius Loci



They are guardians of the home who keep steady and close watch on all things. They safeguard against any troublemakers or problematic situations. They communicate well and will take swift action against any entity or spirit who incites or invites trouble. They are often venerated by those who feel vulnerable and want a sense of security.

As spirit companions Genius Loci can appear in almost any form; they can be discreet & something seemingly normal in your home, or they can appear in human or animal form. Their choice largely depends on what they are guarding, and the circumstances present. We provide the description at time of conjuration, however that manifestation can change to anything, at any time. They are guardian spirits, poly-morphers, who provide a barrier & shielding protective force against malicious magick, spirits, entities, and energy.


Originates: SpiritualRealm


Occupies: Earthen & Spiritual Realms
see Realms page for more information


They are incredible for guarding the home & keeping you safe from malicious, paranormal sources.


Protective, loyal, steadfast, supportive, guardian


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Weekday Monday
Planet Mercury
Month August
Gemstone Green Obsidian
Color Black
Foliage Seaweed
Animal Pit Bull
Scent Pine
Herb Echinacea

Associations can be used to create a closer connection with the entity. By recognizing their associations with the Earth and Universe you can use any combination of these tools to create treats, rituals, and bonding exercises between you.

You can purchase candles, incense, cones, oils, sprays, etc scented with the Scent, Herb, or Foliage they are associated with. You can purchase statuary, paintings, prints, textiles, etc with the Color, Animal, or Foliage they are associated with and keep them in your home where the entity will see them.

To boost their presence and give them a natural feeding of Earthen core energy you can buy raw, polished or cut specimens of the Gemstone they are associated with. Place the gemstones where you keep their vessel or wear the jewelry with the gemstones when you wear the vessel.

To have peak results it is best to meditate, perform rituals, invocations or spells for the entity on the Weekday they are associated with. The Month they are associated with is a block of time to celebrate and show your appreciation for your entity!


? Time spent closely with the spirit the first 30 days of coming to the Keeper's home.
Wonderful treats for a Genius Loci include flowers of any kind, pebbles, fresh grass.


Protective, smart, clever, obedient, secure, guardian
Can manifest as thoughts, streaks of green or yellow light, light orbs of multiple colors, Shades, true form.
Average size: Small: 1-5ft
They are typically under 4' in height as grown adults, read Size page for more information
Lifespan: Short: 0-100 years
They have been assigned a "Short" lifespan, read Lifespan page for more information

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