The lovely chirps of the nightingale will bring a lot of attention to someone who has a great opportunity to listen.  The beautiful sound engrosses someone and will captivate their mind.  It is a widely praised European bird with a great magick history.   One famous playwright of Ancient Athens, Aristophanes, tried to mimic the sound in a play called The Birds. But there are earlier mentions of the nightingale, the Greek myth of Philomela.  In short, the wife of Tereus, who was Procne, asked Tereus to have Philomela stay with her.  However, Tereus immediately fell in love with Philomela, and eventually he seized and raped her, he then removed her tongue so that this would remain secret.  However, despite Thereus’ attempts to keep Philomela hidden, it was revealed to her sister when Philomela wove the event into cloth which was sent to Procne.  Procne in response to the tragedy killed Tereus’ son Itys and then ran from Tereus.  Zeus took final action by turning Procne into a nightingale, Philomela into a swallow, and Tereus into a hoopoe.  Although it was Procne who was turned into the nightingale, Latin poets misread this story and made Philomela the nightingale.  The praise to God also may be in the form of a nightingale’s singing, people rumor that Saint Francis of Assisi had a competition with a nightingale to sing praise to God; Saint Francis after some time surrendered to the Nightingale.

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