Pelican - Magick History


      The Pelican is a bird that is sometimes associated with love and affecton.  This was common to see in the middle ages, the pelican was seen drawing blood from her breast to support their young. Despite all this, the pelican was different in story than in reality.  The pelican got a lot of the symbolism from the vulture.  One reason is from the Bible, the Hebrew words for 'Vulture' and 'Compassion' are very similar. Another reason is that a vulture was seen in Egypt taking the bloody carcass of a dead animal to its chicks.  And a story was developed from there. It simply goes that a pelican does love their chicks, but in the future, the chicks would attack their parents.  And to put an end to it, the oldest pelicans struck back and killed the chicks. But they were conquered by concern and care, resulting in the mother pelican bringing them back to life by pouring her blood on her.  It was stories like this that brought attention to the bird and led Christian writers to take the symbolism in a few ways. One, as previously stated, was the Pelican drawing blood from her breast, this smybolized Christ and the Eucharist.

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