The stork is an interesting black or white bird. There are some stories that tell a tale of a stork taking a human form. But why? This is because the stork is fairly large in size and has an erect upright posture, these things proposed the idea of a bond betweeen the two.  Also, some Germanic stories say a stork that has been injured will instead cry a human's tears.  Or a Greek and Arab lore stating that storks will fly away during fall to somewhere else to live like humans.  The belief that a male stork would kill its mate if she would be unfaithful comes from the Middle Ages.  There are some stories that say storks will fight adulterers or the young storks will be in the older storks' time of need.  And then another story comes from a more modern time period, storks delivering human babies.  This myth comes from Germany and simply states that storks would find the babies of humans in caves, then the stork would deliver that child on their backs or in their beaks to the houses of people.   And many stories led to the belief that the storks are pious animals, as well as an animal that will bring luck or fortune.  

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Creepy Hollows
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